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does it hurt?
Sure it hurts… But everybody has a different pain threshold and of course it depends on where the tattoo is being done.
How much time it takes to tattoo something?
Each tattoo takes individual time – it depends on its complexity and size. Some may take minutes, other – years  Good tattoos take time.
How to choose a tattoo?
The choice shouldn't follow the current trend or the opinion of your friends. It has to be a personal choice. Everybody should decide on their own tattoo – what will it be, how big will it be and on what part of the body.
Can you make me an individual project so nobody else gets the same tattoo?
Yes, as long as you know exactly what you want.
Can you make a tattoo by my own design?
Sure, as long as it is not some kind of bull :)
What should I do after the tattoo is ready?
The most important thing is to keep it clean! You should wash it 2 times a day with clean water and antibacterial soap for 7-10 days. 2-3 times a day you should apply the creams that the tattooist suggested. You shouldn't expose the tattoo to direct sunlight (including solariums). You should also keep away from sea and pool water for around 2 weeks.
Can a tattoo be removed?
Yes, if it's small. Currently there are a lot of different methods to remove a tattoo, but with big ones it is rather hard. Often after the tattoo removal remain some scars.
Do colors change in time?
Yes, they fade, mostly the red, yellow, orange colors. This also depends on the frequency of sun exposure.